Smiling white boy with hearing aid sitting on mom's lap at table with blurred figure teaching sign language

Why “Deaf ABA” anyways?

Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are simply different from their hearing peers. They think differently. They learn differently. They develop differently. And they need different services, specifically meant for their needs. This isn’t about the ear- it’s not about hearing aids or cochlear implants, it’s not even about using sign language or spoken language.

This is about the fact that life as a deaf or hard of hearing person is an ENTIRELY different way of perceiving, interacting and existing in the world. Even with interpreters or even in deaf school programs, we still see challenges and difficulties if the curriculum itself does not account for the unique needs of deaf children.

So why do we use the exact same methodologies and pedagogies to teach deaf children? It simply doesn’t make sense. That’s why we use the framework of “Deaf Gain” to inform how we work with with this unique population.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower deaf and hard of hearing individuals with additional disabilities to lead rich, fulfilling lives by providing accessible, neurodiversity-affirming behavior analytic services.

Our Values

We believe in: compassion over compliance, intentional accessibility and inclusion, and all behavior is communication.

Where We Serve

Telehealth is available in most states — please contact us to find out if we are able to serve your location. We do NOT currently offer in-person services.

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