Introducing… Signs of Communication, LLC!

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Hi! I’m Jacqueline Wunderlich.

As you may know, my heart has always been in the Deaf community and as I learned about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), took courses and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I knew that I needed to bring these two passions together somehow. Over and over, I have heard from families that there is just nothing out there for their kids who are deaf AND autistic or have Down Syndrome or many other developmental disorders.

I finally have an answer… so introducing Signs of Communication, LLC! I will provide ABA services for this population in ASL. That means working with families to support your child, providing consultation for providers who don’t know how to work with deaf clients, and offering as many resources as I can. I am so excited to get started.

I know this can be very overwhelming and you might not be sure if this is right for you or what you need. That’s why I am offering FREE, no strings attached, initial consultation meetings to determine how we can help. You can click here to schedule one today!

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