Provider Directory for Neurodivergent Deaf Individuals

Everyone has a right to accessible, appropriate services. Unfortunately, those can be difficult to find. Below is a curated directory of service providers who work with deaf and hard of hearing individuals who have developmental or intellectual disabilities. You can sort by location, type of service, age served, etc. Please note that some services may be restricted to individuals with a particular diagnosis.

Are You A Provider Or Do You Have A Resource To Share?

Resources, organizations and providers MUST be relevant to the Deaf community. If you are a provider and add yourself or your organization, you are attesting that you are able to meet the unique needs of Deaf and hard of hearing learners. Links which do not meet this requirement will be permanently removed.

Provider Suggestion Form

If you’re looking for a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your love of learning, then come join our Deaf Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) group on FaceBook! This is a collaborative space for community members and professionals to discuss using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with Deaf or hard of hearing learners. This is also a space for Deaf and hard of hearing professionals to discuss their own experiences within the field.

Keep in mind that this is NOT a private space. You CAN discuss specific cases and needs, but please limit details that may make your client identifiable. You may also ask for general advice or network!

Need something more specific?

Are you struggling with your first Deaf client? Looking for another provider to refer to… and maybe there just isn’t anyone else in your area? Unfortunately, this is a common situation, but we applaud you for taking the first step by exploring resources.

At Signs of Communicationworking with Deaf and hard of hearing learners is our specialty. You can schedule a FREE 1-HOUR consultation meeting — totally free and no obligations — and get you started on the right track with your client. If you still need support after the first hour, we’re there to help.

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