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What is Language Deprivation Syndrome in Deaf Children?

Language Deprivation Syndrome is one of the greatest developmental threats to Deaf and hard of [...]

Exploring the Evidence Supporting Deaf Applied Behavior Analysis

Children who are Deaf or hard of hearing are more likely to exhibit challenging behavior, [...]

Claim Your FREE Customizable Communication Plan for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Learners Today!

Does this sound familiar? Smile. Nod. Pretend you understand even when you do not. Fail [...]

Why I Sign

You may have seen some #WhyISign narratives on social media in the past, but it’s [...]

Today’s ABA in American Sign Language

Watch to learn what compassionate, trauma-informed ABA can look like with our translation of Dr. [...]

Behavioral Risk Factors for Challenging Behavior in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Did you know that deaf and hard of hearing children are 2-3 times more likely [...]

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